Will Ram ever come back to our planet of sins again?

The Journey between the good and evil.


Burn the evil in yourself and light the soul from within.


Will our great Lord Ram ever come back to the same city in today’s era where all we can see is hatred among one another on the basis of religion? Where everyone is so corrupt that one can demolish his own successor, knowing the repercussions? I don’t think so. This is a type of question every Indian who knows the story of Ramayana should think about.

Everyone, mainly in India, celebrates this auspicious festival of Diwali as this festival embarks a journey wherein good defeats evil in the end and all are happy and whatnot. This festival was based on the story when Prabhu Shree Ram comes back to his hometown Ayodhya with his wife and brother to his family and people of Ayodhya celebrated this day by lighting diyas in their homes as they felt that now the darkness has been overshadowed by the light of the kind. Alright. That was true to its very sense. But if Ram has to come back on this day now, to our prestigious planet of life, will he be happy? Will he ever be able to see the good in people if the very people are deep down in the lives of greed and lust? It is very difficult to see what we have witnessed in the past few centuries. The times of Ramayana and Mahabharata were pretty different from our times which I can understand. But, there was greed in those times too. There were people who committed sins which will never be forgotten. But most of them redeemed themselves by doing something good or by being in the grace of the very god, Prabhu Shree Ram himself. Even the great Raavan also acknowledged and apologized to Ram on his deathbed for the sins he has committed. Can we acknowledge the sins we have committed in our short span of life and will ever be able to redeem ourselves?

Just imagine the scenario. If Prabhu Ram comes to our planet, will he ever be able to see the cruelty of one brother killing the other just to have more bits of the property where they played together? Will he not shed a tear when a daughter is taken and being raped and thrown away just like a piece of junk lying around the highway? Will he be able to understand why, on the basis of religion, people are being killed everyday? And most of it, people are fighting on the basis of religion whereas religion has taught to love humanity more than anything else? These are some of the questions which we all should think and seek the right answers for it.

And yes, he will be happy to see the good in people too. No doubt. There are some extraordinary people who have revealed themselves as true humanitarians in the pandemic times which has somewhat restored faith in humanity once again. Why should not we all do that? A person becomes a human when he helps others irrespective of what he earns. A beggar, who has nothing in the name of a home, sheltering the dog from gruesome weather is a greater human than the one who shows how much he donates his money as charity for his own publicity. That is the path one should opt even if we are super busy because humanity never asks what you are but your belief in others.


I hope this article brings some serious questions to your conscience and you could be a part in the army for the greater good, not otherwise.

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