Its Been A While…

Its been a while I posted a blog on my website. I have found so many excuses not to write for a while and I regret not posting because I know this website has given me happiness for a greater time which I have always desperately wanted. Desperate, I say? Oh yes, it is in shortage these days!

For people reading this, 2020 might have affected you guys too in a whole different level. It has affected me for sure. This year has definitely changed our perception on life. Mankind, which has allegedly ruled the world for so long has been put into a cage and it seems difficult to ever come strong from this. But we believe in hope, don’t we? Mankind is hope, they say. But they (I don’t know who “they” are) don’t know if mankind lose hope, what next then? Don’t get me wrong but this thought has crossed my mind earlier too and I don’t have the answer to same. But what mankind also believes in is faith. Faith to survive this fall and rise when the time is right. And this thought, this belief is keeping me going and has made me strong.

I have seen people agitating and sometimes even enjoying this pandemic in the early stages thinking what the hell is a virus gonna do to us? Eh! Stupid virus! Stupid lockdown! Stupid Government! Stupid Social Distancing! Stupid Masks! Some people had taken right steps towards the safety of their near and dear ones right away and some have not stopped partying till now. I know there are so many “Its been a while…” but these can wait. It is not important right now. What’s important is keeping yourself and your family safe. Some of the things which I wanted to do after this is all over is what I have shared in the next part since its been a while.

Its been a while I have enjoyed nature not sitting from the window.

Though I love to stare at the scenic view of the mountains outside from my window, it has been a long time where I am chilling at the top of a hill with my friends and loving the beauty of motherly earth. This pandemic has definitely given me a chance to come to my beautiful hometown, capturing every majestic moment I can, but from the inside of my house and that’s not enough. I want to create memories of throwing snowy balls at my friends and eat maggi while warming my cold hands and looking up at the mountains.

Its been a while I have interacted with my loved ones without using technology.

Oh yes, what this pandemic has ordered you is to go and get yourself socially distanced. Don’t touch, don’t hug, don’t cuddle, don’t talk without wearing any mask and what not. After this is over, I want to touch, hug, cuddle, talk without mask and do what a pre-corona person would have done. I want to comfort my friend who is getting over a breakup by being there, not by skyping and sending him comfort text emojis! I want to talk to my colleagues and discuss about their work-life balances and bitch about our boss in a coffee shop, not over whatsapp calls.

Its been a while I have seen people happy!

Mental and physical well-being have been the two main concerns since the starting of this decade. People have lost jobs, economies have crashed, people are getting depressed and much more. This year has been a very tough ride and we have put seat belts for now. I want to untie my seat belt as soon as this pandemic ends and I would love to see people untying their seat belts too and be happy. Being happy is not what you can force on people. It is a mental state of being and it will only come to you when you seek it from within.

Its been a while I have been myself.

I want to be the same person I was before this pandemic started. I agree that this pandemic has made me strong and has brought me closer to my family to a greater extent but this year was also full of negativity, low of energy and depression for a lot of people and sometimes even for me. And I don’t want to be that kid. I want to be a happy kid. I want to be me again. Do you?

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