A Shoulder to Cry On, A Heart to Rely On

Don’t we all need it?

I sure do. I used to remember those days when I used to believe anything comes my way, I could go through it on my own. Isn’t my pain, my happiness, my success, my own? Why should I bother anyone with it? Does anyone have time for them to listen to what I am going through? Every hardship, moment of joy, journey of pain and sorrow, I believe was mine and mine only. After training my brain on this is how the world works, even my conscience used to act in such a way which persuaded me to find a solution on my own, rather than taking help from others and bringing them closer to me.

But being with different kind of people slowly over ages changed me. Sometimes I used to believe that humanity is a myth. It is just a way of people keeping themselves in check so that they could not cross their morality meter rather than deep diving into the principles of why it exists in the first place. And sometimes I was being led to a conclusion that I can trust, I can rely on, I can cry on someone’s shoulders for my miseries and not even blink an eye.

Putting faith in someone is a long and complex process, they say. What they say is not entirely true. A kid trapped in fire puts his/her faith in fireman for their life while a person after his/her relationship for decades puts a private investigator in lieu of talking and sorting things out with their partner and working on their relationship. However, in my case, connections were made in both short as well long terms. Some worked, some didn’t. Friendships for me was a little hard at first. Even though I used to jolly with every gender in school or college, they did not pan out to be the people I can friend. I thought I worked hard on the friendships and always try to communicate whenever I feel I need to, but it’s not always same the other way around. As communicative you are, the other person can not be doing the same with you and be at the position you are in. First taste of what one-sided friendship was in 7th grade for me when I confronted my friends about their wrong doings and the next day I was sitting all alone in my seat. It was so hurtful when you taste betrayal and no one by your side to support you. Another was putting my all for years with my two best friends but getting nothing in return. They would be with me as and when it pleases them. I tried to talk to them that it is not cool, but their reasons were more excuses than the former. They are still my friends but yeah, can’t call them when I need a friend.

It is tough to leave them behind, I know. All will not fulfill the criteria of “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”. But along the way, I had amazing experiences as well with the people that I will relish forever. Because all we need is a shoulder to cry on and a heart to rely on, isn’t it? There will always be people who you can rely on during your low days. They will always be with you, no matter what. I have come to an understanding with my experiences that I cannot go through all walks of life, alone. I was too young and too dumb to realize what friendship and a relationship meant for me and also for the other person initially, but now it is easy to maintain the same now I have gone through these experiences. It is rightly said that you have to go through the lows before you can rise again.

One thing which I have learned is that you have to not hold back. You too need to give it all. Improve every day, up bring the best in you and your loved ones. You would have to give your shoulder first before finding one for your own misery. Always remember, “It takes two to make a quarrel.”

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